Being Watched

I’m reluctant to even write this. Readers might think I’m, well, nuts or paranoid or something. But it’s been happening to me for long enough, so I’ve decided to bring it out in the open. Here goes.

There’s this seagull that follows me wherever I go here. Anytime I’m outside I see him somewhere, perched on something, watching me. I don’t know what it’s about but it’s beginning to unnerve me.


He’s always there. Always watching me. Here’s some more times I’ve seen him.


Sometimes I’ve felt he’s not there, but then I look more closely and I see him, watching, twitching his little seagull head back and forth slightly, and fixing those beady black seagull eyes on me.

Why am I being watched?

Is he communicating with someone? Is this an Iranian plot? Are the Russians behind this? The NSA?

What don’t I know?

What am I supposed to do?

Is this the beginning of some Birds movie?

Why me?

Sometimes he just stands there looking straight ahead and hoping I don’t notice him.


Sometimes he pretends like he’s not watching me but I know he is.


A few days ago I thought I had finally given him the slip but no.


I’ve tried wearing different outfits and hats, even sunglasses but he’s still able to pick me out. Sometimes I walk with a slight limp to throw him off but that doesn’t work either.

Until this resolves itself, I’m not sure what I’m going to do. I fear I’m beginning to go crazy.




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