Go Broncos!

When you say the Broncos back where we are from, you mean the Denver Broncos, one of the premier football (and I mean ‘real’ football) teams in the AFL. I mean the Super Bowl champs in 1997 and 1998 under quarterback John Elway and more recently under Peyton Manning coming up short in last year’s Super Bowl. We drank a lot of beer and eventually had to turn the TV off, before drinking even more.


But when you say Broncos here—we actually saw a guy wearing a Broncos shirt and thought he was one of us—you mean the Brisbane Broncos, an Australian professional rugby team based in Brisbane. In fact, people here seem more familiar with the Colorado’s hockey team, the Avalanche, than the football team.

Currently the Broncos, that would be the Brisbane Broncos, are eighth in their league, the National Rugby League (NRL). In case you want to know, the Sydney Roosters are first.

But there is something to be said for the Brisbane Broncos. In 22 years of competition they have won six premierships and two World Cup Challenges. Between 1991 and 2009, they never failed to qualify for the finals in their league.


The club is also the most valuable club in Australia and has the highest attendance—what’s not to like? I’ll see how the Denver Broncos do this year, and if they don’t perform, I’ll switch to the Brisbane Broncos.

Go Broncos!


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