29 New Zealand Plants

After living here for more than six months, I’ve developed a familiarity and—I must say—an affection for a number of plants in the New Zealand bush. Out of the hundreds of exotic plants here, over time I’ve learned the names of some of them and to recognize them on my forays into the bush. They’ve become like familiar friends.

Ti Kouka – the cabbage tree – a common, distinctive tree with grass-like tufts.

Ti kouka - the cabbage tree

Ti kouka – the cabbage tree

Nikau – the native palm tree in New Zealand


Grove of nikau

Patepate – seven finger – hand-shaped with 7-9 limp leaves, fine teeth on leaves

Seven finger

Seven finger

Whauwhaupaku – five finger– leaves are more firm than seven finger, wide spaced teeth on leaves

Five finger

Five finger

Kawakawa – heart-shaped leaves, often leaves full of holes from the ‘kawakawa looper’ caterpillar, Maori used the leaves to alleviate toothache



Pohutukawa – the New Zealand Christmas Tree – grows along the coast, spectacular red blooms around Christmas time



Kohekohe – shiny leaves in 3-4 opposing pairs, common in bush here



Horoeka – lancewood – spear-like leaves in the juvenile plant (a deterrent to the now extinct moa), twisted rope-like trunk



Rewarewa – New Zealand honeysuckle – long, stiff leaves with widely-spaced teeth

Rewarewa - New Zealand honeysuckle

Rewarewa – New Zealand honeysuckle

Mahoe – whiteywood – alternating, toothed leaves, white lichen patches on trunk

Mahoe - whiteywood

Mahoe – whiteywood

Kahikatea – a ‘chiefly’ tree – one of the giants of the New Zealand forest, numbers were decimated years ago to make boxes for the transport of butter



Rimu – another giant tree, fine drooping scale-like leaves almost like pine needles

Rimu leaves

Rimu leaves

Kanuka – beautiful tree, to me it looks like something from a Zen garden

Kanuka trees

Kanuka trees

Manuka – common tree, also famed for manuka honey which bees gather from small white flowers



Flax – sword-shaped leaves in a fan-shape – many uses by the Maori



Rangiora – large leaves with white beneath, sometimes called bushman’s toilet paper,



Hound’s tongue – a low-growing fern, often with sori (spore cases) on the underside of leaves giving it a distinctive appearance

Hound's tongue

Hound’s tongue

Kauri – another chiefly tree, almost completely wiped out in the past for its gum and wood



Tawa – longish, willow-like, thin leaves



Tarata – lemonwood – along streams, the crushed leaves have a citrus scent

Tarata - lemonwood

Tarata – lemonwood

Ponga – silver fern – famed tree fern of New Zealand, white/silver underside of leaves



Mamaku – tree fern with black branches and octagonal marks on trunk



Mapere – cutty grass – a tall tufted grass with razor-like leaf edges


Mapere – cutty grass

Perching tree lily – two species – tufted plant grows perched on the branches of trees

Perching tree lily

Perching tree lily

Miro – tall tree with distinctive small leaves in rows

Miro leaves

Miro leaves

Kareao – supplejack – an incredibly strong vine often growing in thick tangles, wraps around trunks of trees

Dense tangle of kareao - supplejack

Dense tangle of kareao – supplejack

Kiekie – a climbing vine with tufted type leaves



Gorse – not a native – an introduced, invasive species that unfortunately is very common, thorns and yellow blossoms, thrives here similar to the way tamarisk does in Utah



Crown fern – piupiu – characteristic low fern, only grows about 1 meter off ground

Crown fern

Crown fern


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One thought on “29 New Zealand Plants

  1. I like trees…. I espically liked the Mamaku, it seems so unusually geometrical. The all look pretty exotic !!! ….to these old Rocky Mountain forest eyes .

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