Politics is always controversial but, regardless of your political bent, after my albeit short time here, there are some things I think I can say with certitude.

If there was a member of New Zealand Prime Minister John Key’s staff, such as Hillary Clinton, who broke the law and used an illegal computer server to hide her government correspondence including classified security information, and while working for the government, also had a separate private foundation that funneled millions of dollars from “donors” into her account, the New Zealand people would simply not accept it. They would go berserk. No question. No debate. No controversy. She’d be gone—out of office and in prison.

Here in New Zealand, while people are generally polite, respectful and fair, there is always an abiding sense of fair play. Just as everyone waits his or her turn in a queue, no one is special or above the law and lack of integrity is not allowed or condoned particularly in positions of government.

Again, a person who did what was described above in New Zealand would certainly not be running for the equivalent of prime minister.

And if, for example, that same member of John Key’s staff, openly lied to the New Zealand people—that is, openly stood in front of people in Christchurch, Wellington, and Auckland and in front of the dead people’s families such as Hillary Clinton did with regards the families of the Benghazi victims and the US public—and did not tell the truth about what caused the death of Kiwis on an overseas mission, and if the prime minister was complicit in this cover-up, again, the New Zealand people would not tolerate it. Despite differences, no party—Labour, National, Maori—would tolerate such behavior as blatant as lying to New Zealanders about the circumstances of those who gave their lives for their country.

And if like Barrack Obama and the United States Congress did in the middle of the night, the New Zealand Parliament quickly passed a law (Obamacare) affecting and controlling the health care of the entire population of New Zealand, without ever allowing the New Zealand people to read, debate or understand the bill, the people of New Zealand would be outraged and would not tolerate it. If people such as panel beaters, school teachers and road construction workers here, suddenly woke up one morning to find a new law that would control and alter virtually every aspect of not only their health but their financial life, those who created such havoc would be out of office and the law repealed.

If the New Zealand police, who are held in highest regard by most people here as are the police are in the United States by most citizens there, were accused of purposely targeting or murdering one racial group, most people here would simply not believe it. Police officers here or in the United Stares are simply not going around purposely or intentionally killing people. And no prime minister here would ever actively create and encourage violence such as Barrack Obama has done in the United States.

The people in New Zealand are well aware of ethnic differences, and accept and tolerate all cultures, while fittingly giving special deference and respect to the indigenous Maori of New Zealand. It is the same in the United States. But if some group here in New Zealand suddenly decided and demanded that they were due preferential treatment, or felt that they were due rights, privileges or dispensations not due all other groups, simply because of the color of their skin or ethnic heritage, such behavior would not be allowed.

If, and hopefully not when, New Zealand suffers a terrorist attack, there is no question in my mind that the people here would support actively searching for and destroying any such people that would commit such atrocities. They would do whatever is necessary to protect this precious country. They would come together as one. And they would not accept any platitudes of victimhood on the part of the perpetrators of such crimes. If it meant curtailing or excessively vetting any and all individuals who came into this country, there is no question in my mind that the people of New Zealand would unanimously support such measures. The people of New Zealand would simply not tolerate their country, which they love and have so courageously defended in the past, being wantonly destroyed by outsiders.

If someone running here for prime minister here in New Zealand proposed that there be free tuition for all university students or that major corporations here in New Zealand, which allow New Zealand to compete on world markets, should be overly taxed or curtailed, such as presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in the United States suggests, people here would not buy into it. While I am sure most people here might agree that while proposals such as these are nice sentiments and seem to support a sort of vague—I might say adolescent— egalitarianism, they would also see the absurdity of such proposals. The people of New Zealand remain grounded in reality and there is also one simple phrase they remain able to say: we simply can’t afford it.

Current estimates for illegal immigrants in the United States are anywhere from 11 million to 30 million. If there were, by comparison, 135,000 to 420,000 illegal people living here in New Zealand, who did not speak English, who did not truly like, care about, or respect New Zealand’s laws, the people here would be outraged. If these same illegal people were using and abusing an inordinate amount of New Zealand social resources such as health care and education, and not paying taxes, the people here would not accept it. If these same illegal people were actively flouting the rule of law, and even demanding that they have rights even above and beyond those of native New Zealanders here, action would be taken. If it were demanded that teachers, hospital staff and businesses speak in both English and, for example, Hindi, what would the people of New Zealand say? No. We speak English here. This is our country and this is our language.

If no effort was being made to actively deport illegals and to not allow more of them to enter, I know the people of New Zealand would not accept it. If many of these people here illegally committed crimes, the New Zealand people would demand that they would be the first to go and brought to justice. They would not allow, such as Barrack Obama and the US Congress has done in the United States, these type people to remain in the country or allow cities where they will not be arrested or prosecuted for their crimes including the crime of being in a country illegally. Just as most Americans don’t want it, most New Zealanders would not want it or accept it either.

If the news media here were controlled by an incredibly wealthy and powerful political elite that would do anything to maintain and perpetuate its power, the people here, I believe, would see through that and, again, simply not accept it. If the people here saw all of the above occurring and felt powerless to stop it, they would also feel angry such as many people in the United States feel.

Despite slight variations in different political parties here, New Zealand still overwhelmingly recognizes itself as a sovereign nation: This is our country. We listen to the people. We will do what we have to in order to defend our country, and our allegiance remains first and foremost to the citizens of our country.


One thought on “Politics

  1. Really good blog Paul…..Absolutely fabulous…. way to go Kiwis… and may it ever be so !!!! Sure hope USA is ready to put on our big boy panties and turn things around !!!!

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