Nepal: Photos of 2015 Earthquake in Helambu Region

The April 2015 earthquake in Nepal killed over 8,000 people and injured over 21,000. These numbers, however, don’t begin to capture the extent of the damage and the hardship the earthquake, which occurred almost exactly one year ago, has created throughout Nepal.

Hundreds of thousands of people were left homeless and entire villages were destroyed. The economic effects of the earthquake on both the people and the government are staggering.

Recovering from this devastating event is a slow process and will take years. Here are just a few photos of the effects of the earthquake as seen one year after it occurred during our brief trek through the Helambu region of Nepal, which was particularly hard-hit by the earthquake.


Collapsed hotel in Chrisopani.



Buddhist temple in Melamchi Ghyang


Large Om Mani Padme Hum prayer wheel inside collapsed temple in Melamchi Ghyang


Collapsed building – many people are still living in make-shift structures one year after the earthquake.



Cracked Buddhist shrine (stupa).


Another collapsed stupa.


Rebuilding one of the shrines in a village. Everything for construction and rebuilding must be acquired locally or often carried in by porters over steep mountain trails.


More devastation.


Multiple landslides (lighter-colored areas) from the earthquake are visible on the surrounding mountainsides.


Closer view of one landslide along trail.


Buddhist temple (gompa) with supports holding up cracked walls.


Perhaps a bit difficult to see in this photo, but there are multiple areas with huge rifts in the earth surface and where the level of the ground has dropped a foot or more.




Simple, often very old, tools used for rebuilding. Entire families from the very old to the young can be seen taking part in the rebuilding process.




Finally, here are some of the make-shift shelters the people still live in after the earthquake. More scars from landslides are visible on the hillsides beyond the village.



One thought on “Nepal: Photos of 2015 Earthquake in Helambu Region

  1. It really is devastating !!! It’s easy to see that some of these buildings were beautiful…an so colorful…. do you suppose there were temples ?

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